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                                                            PTC (Paid-to-Click) LIST

1AdBtc. Earn 850 Satoshis/Day. Min. Withdrawal: 10 000 Satoshis (0.0001 BTC).
     ChatRoom: Yes. For Registration, Click Above on Button (1) ADBTC 
►Advertise from 10 Satoshis per click, you can transfer from your earning balance to your advertising balance.

2CoinPayU.  Earn 750 Satoshis/day. Minimum Withdrawal:10 000 Satoshis (0.0001 BTC).
    ChatRoom: No. For Registration, Click Above on Button (2) COINPAYU
►Advertise from 8 Satoshis per click, you can transfer from your earning balance to your advertising balance.

3BtcClick.  Min.Withdrawal: 10 000 Satoshis (0.0001 BTC).
    ChatRoom: No. For Registration, Click Above on Button (3) BTCCLICK
►Advertise from 10 Satoshis per click, you can transfer from your earning balance to your advertising balance.

How To Earn With PTC Sites:

- Click on Surf Ads/View Advertisements, solve the Captcha and you get credited a certain amount of Satoshis for each site visited. About 10 minutes work per site.

- To enter your Bitcoin Address (34 Characters: Numbers, Upper Case & Lower Case Letters). And it starts with either 1 or 3 (Without Any Space Between Characters) and looks like this:
Click on Personal Settings/Profile/Wallet/Withdraw; Depending on the Site you're in.

-Last not least, Copy your Referral Link and invite as many people as you can. When they click on your Referral Link and join  it's good, but showing your Referrals what to do and keeping them Active is Great!
To find your Referral Link, check Affiliates Tools/Links/Refer/Banners/Promotion Tools; Again depending on the Site you're in. 

             FAUCETS LIST (Easy & Simple - No Clicking - Solving Captcha Required)

4MoonBit Faucet. Claim FREE (BTC) Bitcoin Every 5 Minutes. Pays via Coinpot.
    For Registration, Click Above on Button (4) MOONBIT

5MoonLitecoin Faucet. Claim FREE (LTC) Litecoin Every 5 Minutes. Pays via Coinpot.
    For Registration, Click Above on Button (5) MOONLITE

6MoonBitcoinCash Faucet. Claim FREE (BCH) BitcoinCash Every 5 Minutes. Pays via Coinpot.
    For Registration, Click Above on Button (6) MOONBITCOINCASH

7MoonDash Faucet. Claim FREE Dash Every 5 Minutes. Pays via Coinpot.
    For Registration, Click Above on Button (7) MOONDASH

MoonDoge Faucet. Claim FREE Doge Every 5 Minutes. Pays via Coinpot.
   For Registration, Click Above on Button (8) MOONDOGE

BitFun Faucet. Claim FREE (BTC) Bitcoin Every 3 Minutes. Pays via Coinpot.
    For Registration, Click Above on Button (9) BITFUN

How To Earn With Faucets:

-Register With coinpot.co (Account Required for All Faucets: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10).
10Coinpot. Minimum Withdrawals: 0.0001BTC-0.0001BCash-0.001LTC-0.001Dash-50Doge
To Open An Account With Coinpot, Click Above on Button (10) COINPOT

-Login, Click on Claim, Solve the Captcha (Choose: reCaptcha or Solvemedia) and Click on Claim/Submit Again (Same system for all Faucets: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10).
That's how easy it is! Just be patient with Sponsors' Banners and occasional Pop-Under Ads!

-All your Coins (BTC, BCH, Dash, Doge & LTC) and Referrals' commissions will go instantly and directly into your Coinpot Microwallet Account, and your Coin Balance is visible on the top of every Faucet's page.

-You can claim any Crypto from any Faucet after your registration with Coinpot, even if you don't have all wallets for all Coins, since you can convert all your Crypto & your Coinpot Bonus Tokens to any of the available Wallet. For every claim you make you are awarded 3 Coinpot Tokens and each Token is equal or higher in value compared to BTC's Satoshis, you also get 1 Token per referral's claim.


11CryptoTab Browser. Earn With over 1.5 Million Satisfied Users Worldwide. 

           Keep Doing What You Do Daily & Earn Free Bitcoin While Surfing! 

To Open An Account, Click Above on Button (11) CRYPTOTAB 

Earn Commission from 10 Downline Levels'  Referrals. Pays within 24 hours directly to your wallet.
Minimum Withdrawal: 1000 Satoshis (0.00001BTC) ; can be mined in less than 72 hours (depending on your device). So it's worth giving it a try!

-Very well established and reliable firm in partnership with Google.


                                                       FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (*)

What is a Bitcoin Wallet's Address?

-It's like a Bank Account Number, a Bitcoin Address is a combination of 34 characters:
 Numbers, Upper Case & Lower Case Letters (No Space between characters) . It starts with either 1 or 3 and looks like this:

When Do I Get Paid?

-Once you reach the minimum threshold required by each site (See Above). Just click on Withdraw. Most Sites pay instantly or up to 48 hours. Make sure you have entered your Wallets' Addresses correctly for each Coin in your Personal Settings/Account/Profile after registration, to Avoid Losing Your Earnings.

How Do I Exchange My Coins Into Cash?
-Click Above On CHANGEX: Exchange Your Currencies Both Ways: From  To : Bitcoin & AltCoins - OkPay - BankWire - Skrill - Payeer - Perfect Money - Paypal - Mastercard - Visa - USD - EURO.....

Can I Sign Up With Multiple Sites?

-Yes. You can register with all the above Sites. But Only & Strictly One Account/IP/Email Per Site.

How Much Can I Earn?

-The sky is the Limit. You can earn more by promoting your link and referring anyone (get your Referral Link from the Site you have registered with. See: Refer/Promotion Tools/Referral Link).  

Why Should I Solve The Captcha To Proceed?

1) Advertisers Want Real Users, Humans & Not any automated device/software/bot. Since cheaters' means are getting  more sophisticated, Captchas too are implemented in many types: ReCaptcha, Solvemedia, Image Captcha..etc.  Using any automation can get you banned. 

2) It's also unfair for normal users who browse or click manually, to see cheaters jumping the line & collecting all the money without any efforts.

(*) Please Read The Terms of Service For Each Site When Signing Up.


                                                           WORDS OF ADVICE TO AVOID LOSSES

-When Ready To Cashout Your Earnings, Always Check With Your Processor/Wallet's Provider About The Minimum Amount Of Coins Required for Deposit/Transfer.

-Don't be another statistic by falling for a scam called BitExploits/BitGenerator...claiming to generate "free Bitcoin" in few minutes, and then will ask you to pay a fee in order to have your Bitcoin sent to your wallet. This so-called "Exploit" is just a scam pure and simple, with fake "happy" users, with fake recorded postings within a fake "chat room".

Any scam-artist claiming to double or hack Bitcoin with a "magic stick", the answer is simple let him afford it for himself!
And the poors are everywhere, let him start from his area if he pretends wanting to help others!

-Thinking Of Investing Your Coins?

-Don't invest all your Coins with one single site; Diversify & Always Start With Small Amounts.

-Don't invest what you Cannot afford to lose.

-Do NOT be tempted with sites promising unrealistic % profits...We Are In A Digital Jungle, Stay Safe!